Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hi everyone.. hmm long time no see! A lot of thing need to be settle past 3weeks... Huhuhu.. Oh ya.. just remember about F1... You know what, it only take about 30 mins from Seremban to go to Sepang circuit! No need to use the highway! =)

But the sad thing is this year I can't go to watch the race..Huhuhu.. But my father go! Without bring me! Huh... =(

Monday, February 25, 2008

SAWARI..centre for local industries..

Hi guys, have you been here? Hmm if you come to "Negeri Sembilan Craft Complex", don't miss to reach here too ya! Just in front of the complex. =)

Actually, the day I went to craft complex, I also drop by to this place. It is call SAWARI. Here, you can have various product from FELDA such as blankets, towels, curtain, cushion cover, conforter, and many more.

They also produce food product such as chocolate cake, fruit cake, frozen food such as "Popia" and "Roti Canai", Banana Chips, Tapioca Chips.
Taste our local product. I suggest you to try it! =)

Personally, it is an interesting place to visit and also to find the local product. SAWARI is different with complex craft. Here they sell product from FELDA people. They have show room to present their product and cafe to sell the food product. Really nice!

So, if you come to Negeri Sembilan, make sure you visit SAWARI. Contact 06-4583493 for more info.
Have nice day!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tiara Beach Resort.. Hot spot at PD!!

Hi guys.. Have you been to Port Dickson? Maybe some of you have come here.. Actually, Port Dickson is famous with the beaches! Some hot spot for beaches is at Telok Kemang, Blue Lagoon and Batu Lapan. All of these 3 places are famous with their clean beach. =)

But I'm not going to write about those places.. I have more interesting places for you! Hehehe..
Tiara beach resort basically is a new resort in PD. Good place for relaxing during weekend and also bring your family here. Very clean and the staff also very nice ( from my experience!)

Tiara beach resort is famous with the artificial beach! Hehehe! There are a lot of activity you can do here! You can try the sliding board, enjoy the pool and many more! It also suitable for family that bring kids because here also have place for kids!

If you come with big family members, you can try the family games! It is very enjoyble and all is prepare for you. But you need to book the game first ok!

Other facilities that available here are bicycle rent ( best ride in the morning and evening), family day package, video games rooms and many more! Just try it! =)

Hope this will help you! Have a nice day!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday morning story...

Hmm it is 3.30am in Malaysia.. Quite and peaceful.. I'm alone now thinking what was happen today in my life. Hmm from the moment I wake up until now I only think about 1 think and I want to share it with you.. =)

Yesterday around 1.00pm when I switch on my PC and sign in into my email account, I get 1 email which I didn't now the sender.. She from Malaysia and live in Selangor ( 1 one 14 states in Malaysia). After I read her message, I feel very happy, enjoy and many more! Very happy.. =))

You know what, this sender really like all the things that I post and she planning to come here around April.. And she want to bring her families to about 15 families members! Wow!!

Hmm at last, all my hard work pay off. I really happy because all my post can help reader like this sender in order to get places that you can go.. I believe that when you write something that come from your heart, people will appreciate it right?

Now, I have more responsibilities.. Not just only to write about my place, tradition, but also to help reader and blogger to get the best material for them. We really need to appreciate the effort of someone who want to know about us more and I happy to take that responsibility. It is my job!

That is the story on this Friday morning.. How about you? Come share it with me!

Have a nice day!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Indie Travel Podcast..Awesome Blog!!

Hi guys.. You know what while I'm writing this post, I actually listening to podcast show from Indie Travel Blog! =).. It is fun and something new to me.. I really respect for the effort that both couple done to their blog!

What is so special about this blog? They have their own show from the blog! Like a radio show that full of advise and tips for the traveler! Lot of thing they have discuss and beneficial to us. The show is a weekly show and u can even subscribe it! Hmm a very good effort. Nice job guys! Hope I can make the same thing too.. =)

Maybe by reading you need some time to understand the content (people have their own style of writing right?) and what the writing want to say but if you can listen to the content, it will help you a lot in order to understand it! For me, I think I can understand and enjoy more by listening to their program!

I really encourage you to go and visit the blog.. Lot of tips for traveler there! Hope this will help you! Visit now!!

Have nice day!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Negeri Sembilan Craft Complex!

Hi everyone!! Hmm.. how is your day today? Just want to share with you, I really want to go to this place but I didn't have time to go. Finally, yesterday I manage to go! Hehehehe! Luckily my mother wait for me in front of this building after she finish work so we directly go there together!
So what is special about "Negeri Sembilan Craft Complex"? First of all, it is really easy to find. It is located at the central of Seremban which lot of public transport can bring you here! secondly, there is no entrance fees. Meaning it is FREE!! =).. Can save your budget when you are travelling right? Thirdly, there are a lot of interesting places near with it such as "Seremban Lake Garden", "Seremban Parade (a big shopping mall), "State Mosque" and many more.

I believe that when you go to vacation, you will buy something to bring home. So if you come to our state, here is the right place! =)

You can find handy made craft such as bag, basket, vase and many more here. You can buy it at a low price!

In here, you also can find a section that is called "Craft Heritage Exhibition" where you can see our local dress (like my mom wear during her wedding! hehehe), tools and culture. Here, is the image that I took from this section!

You also can see furniture that made from "Rotan" and "Bamboo". I think it is beautiful because you use something from nature. It make me to appreciate what God give to us and turn it to something that can bring benefit you.

A lot of thing you can learn here. Every month they will conduct "Craft Demo" and "Cultral Performance" here. Hmm before you go, don't forget to fill the guest book and also but souvenir
from Negeri Sembilan!

Hmm before i finish, just want to invite you into my blogroll.. Just leave a comment and you link.. I will post it as soon as possible! =)

p/s: I forgot to bring my digital camera, so I take the picture using my mother's hp..Sorry for the low quality image! Huhuhu..

Have nice day!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Low Referee quality deny our 3points?

Hi guys..I just logout from portal (active forum for NS NAZA fans).. The feedback that I get from our supporters who went to Cheras stadium majority blame the low quality of referee.. Hmm the game was good, both team play attacking but the referee didn't play a good role.

Maybe this look like unfair and bias view from me, but today NS NAZA FA had made an official report to FAM about this issue! Sound serious right? Actually,this is not the first time this thing happen in our football league. Last season, Perlis nearly want to withdraw from the league due to the same reason..

FAM should look this problem seriously. If not, it will kill our league quality and FAM credibility in organizing Malaysia League. We are in professional era right? So, referee need to be improved or else fans will not respect FAM anymore....We still remember what happen to our national team during the Asia Cup.. Don't let us become more frustrated..

Have a nice day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

NS NAZA slip to 5th position..

After a draw with PDRM yesterday, now NS NAZA down 5th position, 6points behind the league leader Kedah. We manage get early gol by S Kunalan but PDRM equalize just 12th minutes before full time.

Hmm.. quite a disappointing result actually. Same story like the game when we draw with Terengganu last Tuesday. The defend should done better. Last minute goal will kill our game and spirit. Just looking from the highlight , we can grab the 3points!

So far, after 2 games (since the 2nd round start), most of the team is improving! Our team should be like that to! The title race for this season is tougher than last season. Our striker should score more especially Udo Fortune (our import striker). He need to be more dangerous and score goal!

Keep it up guys! The fans will be with you! Hoben Jang Hoben! Hoben Jang Hoben! Hoben Jang Hoben!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Find Sweet Grapes At Sendayan Valley!

For a long time, a land at Sendayan only fill with bushes. Nobody will think that someday Sendayan can have it's own grapes! =) But today, the scenario is change. Sweet grapes like Black Opal, White Malaga, Shiraz, Frame, Black Pinks now become new attraction to Sendayan Valley.

Sendayan Valley is located just 15minutes from Seremban, 6km from Sendayan. Just a year open, not many people know this place. I only know it a week ago, from our local magazine. Without wasting my time, I drive my car direct to Sendayan Valley(I love grape so much) to see it with my own eyes! Grapes plant in my state! Wow!

I were really excited at that time. I walked around and take some picture of it. They also plant other fruits such as chili, mango, litchi and other tropical fruits.

They also sell "Bonsai Grapes". Grapes that plant in a vase! You can bring it home and place it at your garden! =) I have bought 1. Hehehe! It really hard to have grape here.. But now I have my own grape's tree!

Friends, this April the worker will start collecting the grapes! So I think this is the best time for you to come! See it yourself!

Have nice day!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Unique Malay Culture =)

Hi guys.. when I write this post, it is already 2.15am! Hehehe.. It is very quite right now. This give me more space to write to you.

Hmm.. I think all of you have your own culture right? If something good happen to your family such as having a new baby, getting a good job or just married, you have your own way to celebrate it right? Same goes to us! =) Have you heard about "Kenduri"?

As a muslim, we should always thanks to Allah either good thing happen to you or bad thing. When getting success, we will gather and make "Kenduri". "Kenduri" is basically an event where we gather and pray to Allah may the success and good will always be with us..=)

After pray, person who in charge of "Kenduri" will prepare food and we will eat together! It is very good surrounding to see all of the family members eat together.Here we can see our relatives and change story among us!

Friends, this is one of our unique culture. =) I believe you also have it right? Come share it with me..I really love to know it! Hope we can know more.. Have nice day!

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